Detail from Christ Among the Doctors by Albrecht Dürer


At the Salon on 7 April, it was great to host Anne Whitaker, who, as well as being a friend of The Oxford Astrologer, is an expert on the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. Back in 1997, she collated information about that conjunction going back 2500 years, and did case studies of how that conjunction affected real people — clients and students who were willing to track the changes. She also found that big planets crossing the same spot as the conjunction– even many years later, as was the case with Neptune — re-awakened that energy.

Here are the slides from my discussion with Anne Whitaker about the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter, including some presenter’s notes. My contribution was a comparison with 1941 — the last time this conjunction took place in Taurus — and to point out that this conjunction is highly political. In this country, the last two times it occurred there was a radical change of government, and before that, a radical change in political direction under Margaret Thatcher.


Here is a link to Anne’s book. It’s available for download for £10 and well worth the read.

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