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November Horoscopes: Fires in the Dark
It’s that time of year when here in the North, we light fires in dark — to keep out the demons, the rain, the thoughts. And our ancestors have taught us to greet those forces from behind the veil at this time — with chrysanthemums and candles, laughter and fireworks, joy. The [...]
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December Horoscopes
Sex, money, passion or jealousy: take your pick. There’s plenty to choose from this month. Indeed there’s so much drama — what with an eclipse and a Christmas Eve clash of the titans — that you may want to get a seat in the stalls to watch instead of throwing yourself [...]
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February Horoscopes
Curled up under a blanket — 18th century Mughal. When the wind blows outside, it’s time to curl up with your horoscope and spend some serious time reflecting on what strange luck it is to be a human being, with sense, sensibility and consciousness. Horoscopes are for members only. [...]
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